Mike Lindell

December 9th, 2022

Mike Lindell announces He is Running for Republican National Committee Chair

Mike Lindell officially announces his challenge to the sitting RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel. It’s time to get real with the state of the Republican party

“The current RNC leadership has failed for 3 election cycles. The Donors have approached me, they are not going to give anymore to the RNC. When you have 3 F’s in a row, you don’t get elected! One of the biggest failures was collecting money for the same old status quo, thinking you are going to win with a failed model.  

My opponent promised she would look into the 2020 election. She fundraised on that promise. She broke that promise. The RNC did not do anything to fix our elections and they cherry picked their candidates and would not back the people’s choice.

This is a critical time in the RNC. If this was a company, it would be shut down. I have done my due diligence and can’t figure out why my opponent would even consider running again. I assume she has another agenda other than saving our country.

I also intend to donate my salary back to the RNC to show my belief in this party under my leadership. We cannot ask people to invest in a failed model anymore.

“The Republican Party needs leadership in modern technology, on election insecurities, and on supporting our incredible grassroots candidates across the country. I have that knowledge and I am already engaged with all 50 states doing this work without the title.

As a successful CEO of many companies with thousands of employees, who has faced much adversity and has had to change my actions based on my current footprint, I know how to adapt. I know what must be done to make our party the strongest it has ever been. Ronna McDaniel has not done that, she has failed as the current RNC Chair . The big donor as well as the regular every day person would be foolish to contribute to this current system as it’s being led, and they know that.  Herschel Walker’s race is another F for Ronna McDaniels.

We have a country to save and I intend to help our Great Republican leaders across this country do that.“  -Mike Lindell